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It's that time of year for most people with SUMMER'S LAST HURRAH starting today and ending Sept 3rd.

For me -- because I am my own boss SUMMER continues until (roughly) October 1st.

1) I wanna thank everyone who made AUGUST so adventurous and tawdry and dirty! You were all perfect ladies and gentlemen and adapted to all my new changes so well so I thank you for that! I feel good about the 30% price-drop and for the most part it was respected.

2) Thanks also for everyone helping to make SUMMER ITSELF so awesome!

I still did not travel as much as I would have loved but again the weather this year was a bit brutal.

3) The 4TH BRITNEY VIEWING PARTY is in the works but back-burnered a tad due to the complexities that are END OF SUMMER as everyone becomes distracted by their return to work/school and, of course, TIFF (which, as usual, brings an array of celebs into town one or two of which will end up being at the house here for however long they see fit: and it will definitely open up the MEET-N-EAT contests that are very random and spur-of-the-moment so keep your eyes peeled here on ATM several times a day).

4) I will be out of the country for a full week which shouldn't dampen too many people's plans because of the dates and will be at home #2 in L.A. and other destinations based on the whims of whomever I'm with. Such is the POLY LIFESTYLE. I'm hoping it will include either PARIS or VENICE after July's plans got moshed.

5) I will be going to OTTAWA contingent on TIFF and other factors the first week of SEPT and welcoming 1-2 playmates during my adventures.

6) I will be posting new material in the VIP area including the hotel maid fun I had last month.

7) Lastly, I'm looking forward to a fantastic Autumn but not tooooooooo soon!

So before the beauty and bounty of the season vanishes pull up a chair in the sand and LET ME BE YOUR INDIAN SUMMER!

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