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UPDATE: 7:14PM -- WE HAVE A WINNER! Not as fast as the last few months ago but not everyone takes the time to be in-the-know about my singing!

Tess R. not only knew the correct song but loves the song! She is on her way to collect her "prize"

Will update and post wtvr video edit I am allowed in the VIP "SEPTEMBER" area created 2 days ago!


6:52 PM As always with these sporadic incidents, THE FIRST PLAYMATE to correctly answer the 'skill-testing question' below and send that reply to me via KIK will be invited to come by the house ASAP to collect their prize which (usually) includes meeting our current celebrity house-guest, have a bite to eat and...probably more. BE VERY QUICK as this typically takes about 15 minutes or less for someone to do so!


QUESTION: What was the last song currently available on ITUNES that you can hear me singing on?

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