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And (as it usually is) THIS TIFF week+ is going to be a bit gnarled and gnarly!


1) Below is a list the celebs that are likely (or quite certain) to be visiting the house including a number to indicate just how likely that is...1 indicating ALMOST GUARANTEED to 10 which is POSSIBLE BUT DUBIOUS. One or more of these may opt to enjoy the MEET-N-EAT protocol that often occurs during the rest of the year when they opt to visit the house but there's no way of knowing until they have a little wine and feel a little loose with the goose. It's important to check this BLOG as often as 5-7 times a day or more to avail yourself of the possibility to come meet and have a bite to eat with whomever that is because it's usually ABRUPT SPUR OF THE MOMENT activity.


2) As usual, I will be kicked out of the house around the 10th at which time I will be going to OTTAWA with my wife and 2 friends so I will be available there during that period when the house itself is almost surely overridden with celebrities that aren't yet comfortable with my presence or simply don't like me.


3) We already have one such visitor arriving today but I AM AVAILABLE ALL DAY AND NIGHT before I head to the airport tomorrow/Friday so grab me here or there but GRAB ME, NAB ME and HAVE ME...I'm all yours on all fours!

I will be home for the weekend and leaving TUESDAY for you can enjoy some wicked Whitby oasis fun!


4) I've already posted some of the fun I had on my vacation in VIP and will have some of the KATIE H. and JESSICA A. shenanigans as soon as I get editorial approval

Jessica Biel (1)

Neve Campbell (2)

Priyanka Chopra (1)

Rosario Dawson (5)

Isla Fisher (5)

Scarlett Johansson (2)

Nicole Kidman (4)

Brie Larson (8)

Jennifer Lopez (3)

Natalie Portman (8)

Julia Stiles (8)

Marisa Tomei (3)

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