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These last 6 months most of you sweeties have shown such amazing class honoring my 30% reduction in my prices and additional 1/2-HOUR for prepay playmates with never showing up without flowers and/or gift cards and other assorted gifts and thoughtfulness demonstrating not only enormous class but also that RESPECT GIVEN IS RESPECT RETURNED. I am so grateful for you all bolstering my faith in mankind and I hope to continue to show you all the same dignity and generosity as always with (at least at my home oasis) my typical food/beverage and not watching the clock very closely.

It's unfortunate that my last AIRPORT stay resulted in 13 GHOSTERS! I am shocked, appalled and mystified that such people haven't been dragged into an alley for a good seeing-to by this point in their lives as such behavior is rarely new/rare  for them in their world.

SHAME ON YOU. Horrible human beings!

The rest of you...again...THANK YOU.

The cost and abundance of the gifts are not important, only the time and effort made to fetch them -- it demonstrates character and yes...CLASS!

Try to remember that once you have done so your next visit has some extra free time to it and you need only honor this protocol every 2nd or 3rd visit!

These roses were the gift of our latest celebrity house-guest who is the third so far in as many days thanks to TIFF and the parade of wonderful people it brings to our door for an hour or three.

Keep your eyes peeled for a possible MEET-N-EAT today or tonight, including after midnight.

I've now updated all my European adventures in VIP and a 7 min highlight reel from last year’s TIFF celebrity shenanigans!   Enjoy!

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