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If you haven't seen all 3 of these INCARNATIONS of this story, you're really missing out. THE ORIGINAL 1981 with Michael was absolutely riveting and remains in my mind one of the best treatments of the HOLLYWOOD luster. It creates and maintains an ever-increasing creep/chill that begins innocently and swells into something dark and beyond comparison. At least until DENIRO breathed new life into a new TWIST on it in 1996. But it's impossible to ignore TRAVOLTA knocking the FANATIC role out of the park opposite SAWA in the current THE FANATIC with what is easily the modern ideal approach to how social media has fostered an intrusiveness that puts paparazzi to shame. Travolta is breathtaking, Sawa is perfect and the story is mesmerizing. As Halloween looms on the near-horizon, crack open all three of these in one viewing and watch them back-to-back and you will not be disappointed. My life away from radio, playtime, novelist and my intimate association to 2 other celebrities has -- over the last decade -- been one I mostly guard closely (as all friends/lovers/other celebrities) learning to reveal only so much while keeping and protecting the other 99% as private and invisible as possible. For those of you who have an extra 5% insight into my world and the world of those I live and breathe with, thank you for your respect and honoring the invisible lines that must be drawn and policed.

MEANWHILE..............still here in L.A. and will be until THURSDAY MORNING..........I will be on LIVE CAM this afternoon for 3 hours so you can see the house interior here and wave and say hello to the others in this California Dreamin'. Contact me on KIK at IFUSEEKAMY2019 between now (11:15am PST/2:15pm EST) and 2:30PM PST/5:30PM EST to be on the list of access to all home security cams via DLINK. You will need the PW which will obviously be changed thereafter. The all-interactive LIVE FEED will last 60 minutes minimum (probably closer to 3 hours). Act fast as I will be giving out access to only a limited number.

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