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As many already know, yesterday KIK MESSENGER announced they will be shutting down their network. As over 300 of you have and use this app to keep in touch with me, and well over 500 others I know (mostly celebrities) use it for safe, anonymous group-chat, this has everyone in a bit of "sigh" along with the other millions of users worldwide who know that no other app out there comes close to doing what KIK so simply does...and you have to pay for all of those anyhow. With this in mind I am announcing that work is already underway in celebrity ranks to create their own app/network for themselves, family, friends and IF YOU ARE A VIP YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS! That's right! I've gotten the green light to grant access to those of you who have become reliant on the little window they have into that world. Do NOT PANIC! It should be operational soon as these are not the sorts of folks who talk -- they are DOers. As well, I will be initiating an on-site network of my own where VIP/NON-VIP playmates will be able to continue the 'community' you've all created amongst yourselves. It will not have all the freedoms that KIK had but it will have to suffice until someone comes along and fills the gap KIK now owns and fills and will soon re-create.


For those of you who were just following the fun here on live-cam in the middle of the night...sleep well and see y'all soon!

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