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LIVE CAMJAM w/ Celebrity HouseGuests Tonight!

TONIGHT! 8PM EST I'm inviting VIP and non-VIP playmates alike to open access LIVE CAM "Wave And Rave" time.

Something sexy is bound to happen anywhere from 1-10 but at the very least you'll be able to say hello, ask some questions and just watch us go about our time whatever we are doing. As always, there's no fee or charge for this, you just need to be in good standing and have demonstrated in the past a genuine celebrity thrill/fanboy/fangirl interest in that circle of my life. Those who watched and enjoyed the 3 CAMJAM sessions I just had in L.A. are most welcome since you've already demonstrated such class. As they and some others who've had the pleasure of MEET-N-EAT invites in the past know, these are NOT PORNSTARS but celebs you see in music videos, hear on the radio, watch on TV, lust for in conventional movies. This should be fun whatever ensues.

Contact me well before 7PM to discuss possible access.

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