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As everyone who knows me even a little I am a huge Halloween lover and already had half my Halloween decor up weeks ago! Swing by my place and you'll see. As part of my HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS I watch at least ONE AMAZING scary flick a day. I usually start this march towards HALLOWEEN NIGHT OCTOBER 1st but this year "BLOODLINE" BEGGED me on and HOLY COW what a perfect story this was! If you don't have at least one person in your life who wouldn't hesitate to help you bury the body then I feel sorry for you. Life is nothing without LOYALTY. WATCH THIS! Just fabulous. Try "SATANIC PANIC" as well it's funny (already watched it recently but not part of HALLOWEEN) -- it’s adorable.

Seann is so effortless in this role and demonstrates how wonderfully 'STIFLER' has grown into a venerable actor.

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