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12:31 AM --

I'M SO EXCITED! As I've said a MILLION TIMES I'm a HUGE AVID FAN OF HALLOWEEN. It bothers me there aren't more HALLOWEEN-RELATED movies. I wish HOLLYWOOD would make a concerted effort to release a movie called HALLOWEEN every year, each one having no connection to the plot, characters, writers, directors, producers and actors of one another. SIGH! Alas, movies like TRICK OR TREAT (both of them) and other such delicacies are so much fun to watch but so few and far between. So this last year I promised myself that I'd take an hour out of every one of the 31 days leading to HALLOWEEN ITSELF and write a little....something. This new book is far from my best work. Normally I'd be much more crafty and devout. Instead I'm taking a few pointers from the weird and often nonsensical horror movies from the 60s and 70s and just trying to have and create a little unbound fun. So don't judge this effort too strictly. Just enjoy it.

The entire thing is 31 dark fancies with one common setting -- PUMPKIN HILL, NY. I've never been there and have no idea what it looks like. Normally I do a great deal of research for my books but this one I'm just flying by the seat of my pants so sink your teeth into the whim and folly of it all and visit the sleepy little town of my mind where anything goes!

I will post the first story (which only needs editing) later today!

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