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I've been waiting for this a long time. For personal reasons I cannot get into. It is my hope that it will be considered JOAQUIN's finest work and that it will live up to everything we all hope and expect it to. Let's hope it makes him happy he reconsidered retirement. If ever there were a specific actor that may have been born and chiseled by the gods to especially play this role -- other than Nicholson of course (too bad be only had the opportunity to play the cartoonish version of this legendary character) -- it's PHOENIX.

Dazzle us baby!

In honor of this day/movie/man/performance I am committed today to having ONLY WILD FUN! So if you've got a daring plan that flies in the face of the conventional and reaches out to the universe and says HEY I'M ALIVE!! I'M HERE!! then let's loose it!

You can find my rather coincidental and ironic "RISE & SHINE" (Day/Yarn #4) here....

As well...playing a bit of a JOKE/FUNNY/LAUGH/FOOL theme on KFLY today...enjoy the music

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