October 6, 2019

Here's your chance! 100% FREE! 

Access to my VIP is difficult to get because WHAT'S IN IT IS INSANE! You've all seen clips and full video of the fun I've had with THE ICE CREAM MAN, UBER-EATS, HOTEL MAIDS and just random strangers who are in the right place at the right time and aren't cowards. Believe me...I've had a lot of spineless people kick themselves later for not taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I gave them to do things people talk about for decades to come or write PENTHOUSE LETTERS about. As well, the parade of A-LIST celebrities who come through my front door during the course of the last 8 years has been pretty fun and impressive and dozens of playmates have watched live, seen video/photos and even SHOWN UP for the sporadic MEET N EAT contests that occur when a house-guest gets frisky and daring. ACCESS TO THIS and other private material like what's watched at the BRITNEY VIEWING PARTIES at which dozens of now-insane playmates lost their minds is at stake. Normally my VIP access comes with not a cost, but an expectation -- primarily of intimacy, friendship and trust that needs to develop and, of course, sexual compatibility. BUT NOW....Here's your big chance to JUMP THE VELVET ROPE!


The winner will be drawn from those who participated on OCTOBER 31st and the winner informed NOV 1st.





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