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Once more it is that time of the year for what's now become an almost-legendary HAYRIDE. Last year we had 3 celebs who joined 9 playmates plus myself, my wife and my 2 GFs on what turned out to be a pretty STELLAR adventure with plenty of hot chocolate, hot coffee, smores and of course insanely raunchy romps in the hay, in the dark, down the country lane. I've reposted some of the approved video in VIP in plain sight so you don't have to go into the library at all. This year there's no solid celebrity plan except one but I expect that to change. However, with ZERO charge to those chosen, it promises to be just as fun even with zero nookie (which is impossible since I'll be there and there's no way I'm not having my KINS PUMPED. After last years near-weirdness I'm releasing the exact night/time only to the participants. Two of the 9 available spots have already been assigned so that leaves 7 available spots. Three of these must go to female playmates so that leaves only 4 for the rest of you. If you're in good standing with me and feel you deserve consideration please contact me!

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