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I'm always sure to watch THE LAST WAVE only every other year near HALLOWEEN as one of my GO TO haunting movies. Every time I watch it my digestion of what it manages to do perfectly improves. As the genre goes, it's simply amazing. "IN THE TALL GRASS" is surprisingly solid despite KING's horrible writing. Everyone else connected to this project managed to make it a SOLID option. On the crazy front...OH MY FUCKING GOD MASTORAKIS is simply insane....IS HE LITERALLY A PSYCHOPATH? Because this movie is galvanizing, mesmerizing as so many of the movies of its genre and from its era were/are...but it's simply the craziest movie I've ever watched! It almost seems like he was deliberately trying to produce just an insane recipe. If you haven't watched "ISLAND OF DEATH" for god's sake watch it and be prepared for some true lunacy!

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