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I'm so very disappointed in how few NON-VIPs seem interested in my writing, especially OCTOBER COUNTRY which I thought was fun and convenient (as opposed to my more serious writing like HURRICANE JANE still being daily penned). Many of my former regulars who I chose to no longer see seemed to have absolutely NO INTEREST in my novels I took such pride in, worked so fiercely at, spent years apprenticing at the feet of great writers. It's an insult. There's simply no other way to look at it. I've sold approx 100,000 copies of my novels over the last 10 years which is far from anything to brag about but I'm insulted that people who so passionately used my body (which I LOVE!) had zero interest in my mind. I love being a fuck-toy -- IT'S HOT! But for people who spent regular time with me for years, you would have thought there'd be a modicum of interest in me as a bit more than that. Either way, OCTOBER COUNTRY access has been moved to VIP along with so much else that deserves the kind of respect VIPs give it and else. The public-access page has been deleted! It was merely wasting space. I will finish a few more yarns before HALLOWEEN and finish the book itself long before next HALLOWEEN.

As for THE BLACKFEATHER BOOKS The first book will be completed by Nov 15th and covers everything leading to BRITNEY'S 16th Birthday. It is sizzling as hell! Keep in mind that I'm ghost-writing it and it requires both she and I to have available time to sit and go through events, how they occurred and then Britney herself to constantly correct and clarify things I'm writing to accurate details. So it's not jiffy-pop! HURRICANE JANE is slow-going but I'm creating a foundation for an entire series of detective novels and it is my first solo attempt at the detective genre which requires planning and cleverness not normally expected in the other genres I've taken a stab at. It may be spring before the inaugural book is done but it will be worth the wait. I appreciate those of you who HAVE shown interest and respect and read my work with enthusiasm and feedback. THANK YOU!

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