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It's that time again to take care of some important announcements so

PAY ATTENTION! Too many of you asking me things that have already been addressed because you



1) ALL 10 SPOTS for the ROLL IN THE HAY Hayride adventure are now occupied

2) There's still time for you to get in the lottery for FREE VIP ACCESS

3) Ever since I moved VIP off-site I've been bothered less about it but if you aren't listening to my RADIO STATIONS or reading my books, chatting with me casually and keeping UP2DATE with myself or my wife Regan on my various extra adventures then you're really not developing the sort of intimacy and trust required for VIP eligibility so please don't ask. The lottery is designed to give one lucky schmuck a "slide".

4) The next BRITNEY VIEWING PARTY is now in the works probably for the first week of NOVEMBER. Welcoming 3-10 Britney fans. Yes, she will be attending.

5) With KIK now gone this Friday, the new VIP and alternative on-site chats are operational and will welcome registration tomorrow-onward.

6) Our "Thanksgiving Day" house-guests have edited and approved what xxx-material is now available in VIP. It's not hidden at all, so enjoy.

7) This weekend I will be renewing the MDV for the fall with at least one new clip.

8) LISTEN TO THE BEST RADIO STATION ON THE PLANET -- MY STATION...that of 2 that I co-own and co-operate and, of course I'm a DJ!

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