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As most of you know Florence is a good friend of hubby's and visits the house here often enough. This last summer, during my extended vacation to Europe and various Canadian destinations I had the pleasure of seeing MIDSOMMAR on opening day, first showing, with just the 6 of us in the theater. It blew my mind as I expected it to. For those who aren't familiar with the WICKER legacy (including the original WICKER MAN, the Cage remake, MAGIC MAGIC, WICKER PARK etc) you don't know what you're missing, including WICKER HOUSE which I co-authored with D. and about 115 of you purchased copies of and seemed to really love. What you may NOT know is there is another installment in the WICKER series that I have now posted the first chapter of in VIP. The novel -- WICKER GIRL -- is a heavily erotically-charged incarnation of the same guiding premises and elements of all the other WICKER stories in which a mother attempts to bring her daughter back from a trauma by moving the two of them to WICKER ISLAND where life is pastoral and simple without electricity and modern convenience. Like the original incarnations, the eerie secrets bubbling beneath the surface of their stay seem to continually elude her no matter how desperately she tries to uncover them until she herself has become seduced and immersed in those same rituals and secrets.

It is not for the morally-centered.

If you're having difficulty locating it in VIP simply ask me and I will send you the direct link.

If everyone seems to approve I will post the book in its entirety for your purchase at $9.99

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