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What a carousing SUCK-cess THE 4TH ANNUAL HAYRIDE was last night! Even better than last year (which easily topped the previous two) everyone had a cocoa-drinking, blanket-sharing sexy ride along some of the best countryside you can find in these here parts and -- most importantly -- everyone's peaking libidos made for some of the slurpiest, pumpiest, squirtiest, leafiest time ever! I've already posted the 100% clean video on VIP and once the editing has been done to ensure all masks remained intact the wild will be posted with a PW for extra security. I want to thank everyone who participated and showed more class and character than ever before. For something of this sort to really succeed, everyone has to know how to keep their clothes on, their best manners in play and be the most sophisticated version of their sexy selves. You all did this! So thank you thank you. Our visiting/participating celebrities were impressed and we may repeat this event for CHRISTMAS through a winter wonderland assuming canopies can be rigged for the hitches. With word of this one being favorable we may double our celebrity participants next time! My celebrity house-guests may be staying the better part of the day but that doesn't mean I'm not anxious for some more of that creamy gooey fun and for some more riding! And who knows what might happen....

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