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So far having a blast with everyone prepping for my BIRTHDAY which is going to be RITZ-CARLTON ROOFTOP LOUNGE/BAR. Brit teaching me how to drive the Ferrari (stick sucks) and getting some beach and Pier-time although every time I'm on the Pier I long for even an hour on it the way it was when Natalie Wood was DAISY CLOVER. Shorty that I am my arms were almost ready to fall off trying to get above everyone around me. I need stilts. You can click here or on photo below to peek in MDV. I will be doing a LIVE CAM-JAM later today from the house here so contact me well before noon PST (NOT EST!) if you want access. Last month almost 100 people total watched 3 CAM-JAMS and everything went VERY VERY WELL!

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