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If you weren't always aware I've watched the original incarnation of this movie from the 80's some 100+ times; and it delights me every time. It never gets old. The cast is a big part of its charm as its era, veneer and, of course, the SOUNDTRACK which is fun and romantic. Going to play most or all of the entire album tomorrow on KFLYRADIO.NET having watched it again today and had a fab time doing so.

IS IT JUST ME OR WAS HEATHER THOMAS not one of the most delicious girls of the 80s?

Everytime I watch her I drooooooooooooooooooool droooooooooooooooool droooooooool!

OK OK OK and maybe I rub-n-cum more than a little!

Everything is all zipped up on the VIP contest now and the winner will be notified Nov. 1 Things are equally-zipped up for the next BRITNEY VIEWING PARTY so thanks for everyone's interest. I'm sorry I had to be brutal about whom to pass on with so many people itching to be part of the fun and meeting Brit herself but there will be future opportunities.

I'm going to be focusing or zooming in on playmates this coming year (my 'year' begins and ends with my birthday which was last week) who show more personal interest in my other life adventures like my writing, the radio station and, of course, I AM NOW DATING...or at least opening up the option of dating as I do every November. Thus far no male has been adjustable to my non-monogamous lifestyle. It seems in the end most males want to possess me and that's simply not going to happy. Sorry, but monogamy is archaic and silly. If you ARE interested in dating and can get beyond my POLY brain and lifestyle there's other things to consider but inquire if you like.

The airport does not seem to be working out too consistently lately because people wont book until I'm already there and I can't fork out $ on a hotel room (which gentlemen used to be classy enough to do) for possible playdates none of which are secured.

In the future PLEASE book 24 hours ahead of time and prepaying is a good way to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

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