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After a few months of laborious planning and design, HURRICANE JANE is finally in the first throes of it's dawn. As I previously mentioned HURRICANE JANE will be my first attempt at a SERIES of novels based on a single fixed character/detective (of sorts) using my long-employed nom de plume ROXY FALLS. In this instance, I desperately wanted to stray from the paradigm and create not a "detective" per se or even an investigator. Thusly..HURRICANE JANE was born -- a borderline anomaly/mystery herself driven from event to event by an internal "Storm" to uncover the truth name it. As she solves these mysteries and nears the guilty/truth the Hurricane itself brews...

She is literally a walking human tempest.

If she comes for you...there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

With an exhaustively-designed character and approach I am now prepared to add to the first chapter I penned and posted CHAPTER TWO and (from there) not only the remainder of THE BOOK ITSELF but what will constitute the foundation for what I hope will be a dozen or more in the series. I thank those who've already ordered their copies and offered their encouragement. Those of you who ignore my RADIO STATIONS and NOVELS and other's kinda sad! Oh well!


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