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WE HAVE A WINNER! the FREE FUN FOR A YEAR contest. Eligibility went to everyone who saw me from NOV 25th to DEC 15th. Those who read my books, listened to my radio station, showed exemplary sexual character and daring or interest in me as something other than a sexual playmate etc received extra 'ballots'/entries for such, improving their odds. For those of you who did not qualify.

I will be having at least one OPEN LIVE CAMJAM in the next 2 weeks in which 10 or so of you will be invited to enjoy what so many already have in previous live CAMJAMS, interacting with Britney and others in my immediate environment whether that's the house here in L.A. or wherever I happen to be in the world and with whomever I happen to be with...and whatever...naughtiness happens to be happening. So keep your eyes peeled here on my blog for random, capricious, spontaneous announcements.


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