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UPDATE 4:45pm PST/7:45pm EST -- Thanks for everyone who treated the privilege of LIVE OPEN CAM here with Brit and everyone else as such. The more they go well, the easier it is to convince others to allow them and participate in them. Here's hoping you all had fun and great orgasms! I may or may not have another CAMJAM in the following days but if I don't...HAPPY HOLIDAYS from...well...all over the world.


I will be having a LIVE OPEN CAMJAM today at 3pm PST (6pm EST for those of you back in Toronto) so you can not only interact live with myself, Brit, Regan and anyone else who's in the environment, but can enjoy whatever sexy shenanigans we get up to for your amusement. These CAMJAMS have all gone so damn smoothly and everyone's been so dignified I'm hoping it will become a trend I can rely on. Contact me on KIK to reserve your spot, fetch the necessary APP and get access to the password.

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