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Taking a few minutes out of these end of days for 2019 to wrap up some important info.

In 5 days we will be ushering in 2020 and the obvious cruising theme for the next 365 days will be SEEING CLEARLY.

Clarity, Parity and Charity in 2020. Therefore, I'm going to be donating 20% of my income this year to Charity and blogging the process all the way along.

As well, Parity means I will be trying to develop an even better sense of empathy. Most of all I want to more clearly see the world and life and others honestly and hoping others will better see me clearly. So chat with me casually on KIK at the updated KIK ID: IFUSEEKAMY2020. The discounts, contests and intimate CAMJAMs and private event invites alone are worth it. But, as I do not discuss my private day-to-day living while with playmates having fun, it's the best way to develop a VIP ACCESS rapport with me and find out all the juicy things you may want to know. 

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