It’s 3:06 A.M. Saturday, October 27th.

My birthday was officially 2 days ago.

Birthdays in my circles tend to be 3-30day-long events.

Mine was 3 days.

It’s the most important 3 Days of my life thus far.

Everything is about to change.

By choice.

So many things already have.


Most do not know “my story” and few have ever shown the

degree of interest to warrant informing them.

But much has changed now and is going to change so now

“my story” becomes relevant maybe even necessary.

There are other lips to kiss, other bodies to caress, other numbers to call.

They are not mine.

And from your standpoint — depending on where you are and

to which horizon you are looking — that may be a good or bad thing.

You are you; and your story is the one that matters most.