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Everywhere you turn and wander where others talk it's disturbing how utterly obsessed with money others are. They seem utterly drowning in greed and spend so much of their time bitching about money -- how little they get paid, how they aren't tipped by "clients", complaining about how little they have while spending thousands on drugs, alcohol, $500 Gucci handbags, cigarettes etc.
I not only expect significantly less, I certainly never complain about money; and you can certainly feel confident I'm not spending a dime of it on frivolous vices and indulgences. It begins with their original motivations for doing what they do -- as long as they do it for the money, that's all they're going to think about.


Everywhere you turn and wander where others talk it's obvious they've launched their adventure for profit and now prattle on how "this is work!' and their "job". You are NOT WORK for me and certainly not a "job"! I got into this to break free into the world where I'm meeting as many interesting people as I can and spending original, intriguing time with them where I become a different person merely by sharing those intimacies! I can't imagine how I would feel if someone characterized the time they spent with me -- especially intimate time -- as hard labour.


As with the former two, the attitudes of others are troubling to say the least. The "snarky" (even bitchy) personalities are an unwelcome obstacle in the process of this adventure. I prefer NOT to have to feign happiness and positivity...but I would if I had to. But I've never had to. Not yet anyhow. I'm upbeat and positive because it's not a job and I'm not preoccupied with money...I'm preoccupied with the adventure and that begets your happiness and hopefully your positivity.


I expect significantly less and give you so much more! In most cases you're giving me a third-50% less than others; and I'm certainly not thinking about that when we're together. While others are jockeying to get you to take them out to dinner and theaters and various other social activities so they can entertain themselves on your tab -- and avoid as much time alone with you as possible -- I am really not a self-indulgent sort. Of course it's courteous and dignified to bring a girl flowers or grapes and if someone buys me something that's nice!...but my playmates will tell you I'm actually the one who buys them gifts and frequently allows more time than they've booked me for.


These things reveal so much about people and their character. I spend most of my time doing other things...from sailing to DJing 2 radio stations I co-operate, watching movies with my puppy and friends, traveling, writing, being the best-possible P.A. I can be for my boss when he's in town etc. This adventure is only one of many things shaping my character. I'm always pushing myself to learn new skills like chess and Airsoft target-shooting, this last year I became a world-class soup-maker. I am continually expanding my horizons so that the person you spend time with has psychological girth and emotional depth and perceptual mirth!
I want to be a DELIGHT to spend time with! 
It's important to me to be authentically sweet and kind, supportive, encouraging, affirming, reliable and enthusiastic! 


I admit I've never blended well with girls because they tend to be vicious and duplicitous, but the private sociology you do not see among others doing this is...ugly. How they speak of their "clients" in private is ghastly. The childish, juvenile sniping many women are notorious for as a species runs amok and demonstrates not only an immaturity and insecurity, but a genuinely-ugly perception of how they see the world, one another and most-importantly -- YOU. I've committed myself to steering clear of this behavior and that circle so the time you spend with me is free of that drama and the kind of person everyone tends to become when immersed in it long enough.


In the throes...everything goes. It's human nature to enjoy salacious talk and activity that can get quite filthy. I love it! However, the remainder of the time I treat you like a gentleman and behave like a lady. I carry myself with couth and culture and a positive, girlish joie de vivre that is expected of a Lady. I speak like a lady, I defer to you as The Man. I do not manipulate you, play games, cop attitudes. I do not behave like trash. Until it is appropriate to be erotic, I appreciate you treating me likewise. What occurs during the utterly a different story.



I am assuming this goes without saying that, as a society, we have prejudices about these things, most of which (though we'd rather say otherwise), are typically true. I have avoided marking my body in any way because I not only respect it and myself but I also want others to have a pristine body when they spend time with me. I've avoided any experimentation with drugs or smoking for this reason as well. Whether they wish to admit it or not, both men and women perceive someone who avoids these things as being more 'clean' and 'agreeable'. I often joke that I am 7-up...crisp and clean with no caffeine.



It shocked me to discover others were having their health check only quarterly and that they saw nothing wrong with this! I maintain a strict regimen of diet, exercise and enhancements to ensure my wellness. Adventure does not preclude fundamental wellness/care. It was not surprising this past winter to watch so many complaining they could not make money due to sickness. I have not been earnestly 'sick' in years. Typically, if I say I am, it's because it's my monthly-visitor and it's a polite way of excusing myself. My regimen includes daily vitamins, VITAMIN C boosts twice a week, Echinacea, and a daily scheduling of natural juices, fruits, vegetables, V8, the best filtered-milk on the planet, yogurt, red meat and at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (even if it means I have to delve into daytime hours to get it). I have access to additional medical aid through my 9-5 for immunizations/screening for STDs, as well as monthly-checkups by the best private physician money can buy. This is a sensible use of money -- not booze, not cigarettes, not drugs, not Gucci, not a 60th pair of shoes, not partying. The fact that I have never smoked, drank, done drugs or had a tattoo should be further encouragement as each of these on their own present a clear and confirmed contribution to one's health and overall wellness


While I don't prefer to be prejudiced or selective, unfortunately it is as rational and necessary as it is human nature. I have declined many who seemed "sketchy" or simply inadequately hygienic. It requires me to be somewhat precautionary but both my health and the health of those I spend time with are important and I take this responsibility seriously. It should not surprise you then to know quite frequently I ask people to mend even from the likes of a common cold before we meet.

These differences are not slight or negligible. The human heart and experience craves distinction of themselves and, what is more, you crave an experience differing from the rest of your life. The physical adventure needs to be what is missing in your life and the social/emotional experience needs to be what is otherwise missing during your miscellaneous hours. You matter. Your desires matter. What is missing most of all is that you are being reminded you matter. You matter to me. Whatever is time...we will discover it and seize it back! It's not a's not work. Don't waste what belongs to you and is so valuable to you with people who will not truly appreciate and honour this. So much of that is already happening, isn't it? Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. If you seek the best-possible will, in fact, get it...IFUSEEKAMY.

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