If you're like the other weary travelers who have stumbled upon my little slice of heaven
...you'll discover the delights of being pampered to the extreme...
You will be treated as though you are a wealthy Sheik...

The ULTIMATE GFE...you'll have an amazing meal served with all the amenities,
dance slow to soothing music, cuddle on a bed of rose-petals...and -- for a few hours
-- find the world outside...the world beyond us...vanished.

Indulge yourself...escape to my little Oasis in the desert of life.

The Revel ($2000)
-- 3 Hours of Decadence and Me
The Dream ($3500) -- 3 Hours of Decadence PLUS 8 Hours of overnight sleep,
                                     breakfast (and Me) in bed

The Sun & Moon ($5000) -- 24 Hours In the Oasis (or out on the town), includes
                               The Revel and The Dream and everything else your heart desires.
                               Like a perfect honeymoon, drown in my waters!

Either you, yourself can design the perfect use of our time

and I will happily and lovingly arrange it to perfection itself,

or I can tailor a totally-unique experience. It's up to you!