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As quite a few of my 'TOY' playmates know

I've been "Trix" for a couple years now.

Without whips, chains, pain and the typical ugliness

that traditionally goes with DOM behavior,

I've been using my cute and cuddly "cheerleader"

dominatrix alter-ego to gratify a need most men seem

to have to be blindfolded, fluffy-cuffed and made

to lay still while I use them as I feel!

I will be welcoming more

"TOY" playmates to this "GIRLIE-DOM" option.

If you'd like to be one of my 'TOYS' please contact

"Trix" by addressing me so in your emails/messages,

especially on KIK at IFYOUSEEKAMY2020.

The only prerequisite is that you know how to

do as you're told and can set aside your

usual erotic boundaries.

GOOD BOY! Now shut up!

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