I'm especially keen on helping virgins have

the best-possible first-time experience!

Your emotional comfort and ease is absolutely sacred to me.

I want to you to be reassured and the time we spend

together to be gentle, cozy and sweet so it doesn't

feel at all as though it's anything many expect and

dread when they consider this option and

mis-imagine it to be something they'll regret.

Give me two hours and you and I will

warmly and softly give you a rich, mellow

and dynamite experience you'll never forget

and certainly never regret!

If you're UNDER 25 and a genuine virgin

(please dont lie...I can tell!...and it's very, very tacky!)

I'm welcoming you to let me

help you work past those misgivings

and have a fabulous, fun time!

"It took me about 3 months to work up the

nerve to finally pick someone and contact

her and another month to go through with it,

but it took me 5 minutes to wish I'd just done

it instead of jerking off all the time.

Amy was just so damn cute and cuddly and

patient and made me feel really right about

it all. Everything went right.

It was all just perfect, perfect, perfect!

We hung out, watched TV, blew some

bubbles and talked like I never talked to

any girl before and it just happened

naturally. This is the girl to call!

-- Aiden